Kerala Budget Mobile App

As per Article 202 of the Constitution of India the Governor of a State shall, cause to be laid before the House or Houses of the Legislature of the State a Statement of the estimated receipts and expenditure of the State for a financial year. This estimated statement of receipt and expenditure for a financial year named in the Constitution as the "Annual Financial Statement" is commonly known as "Budget".

The List of Budget Documents presented in the Legislative Assembly are :

  1. Budget Speech
  2. Demands for Grants
  3. Staff Appendix
  4. Works Appendix
  5. Detailed Estimates of Revenue Budget
  6. Plan Document
  7. Explanatory Memorandum
  8. Detailed Estimates of Receipts & Disbursement under Debt Heads
  9. Annual Financial Statements
  10. Budget-in-Brief
  11. Economic Review
  12. Appendix IV- Estimate of Grant -in-Aid to Panchayath Raj / Nagarapalika Institutions
  13. Vote on Account
  14. Medium Term fiscal Policy
  15. Summary Documents of plan
  16. Gender and Child Budget

This App facilitates viewing all 16 Budget documents in digital mode and echo friendly. This initiative is for disseminating Kerala Budget documents and related information digitally to various stake holders including general public.